Book - 'Rebecca - Mystery Explained'

Rebecca - Mystery explained - part 1 (1)

'Rebecca - Mystery Explained'

(Part One)


Author: Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova

Language: English


'Rebecca - The Mystery Explained' - Part One is a literary detective research that focuses on the solving of the tightly knotted mystery presented by an English author, Daphne du Maurier, in her phycological charade-thriller 'Rebecca'.

Part One of the current book explains the narrating style of the book 'Rebecca', reveals its four narrators and how Daphne du Maurier entwined their voices into one.

'Rebecca - The Mystery Explained' - Part One also examines the storytelling techniques employed by Daphne du Maurier as well as her inspirations, historical and cultural, used by her to draw the main characters and the narrators of the book. 

The publication also looks into the meaning fo the name Manderley, what role the estate and its grounds plays in the story and what significance carry for the members of Maximilian de Winter family, including himself, his daughter, Rebecca de Winter, and his first wife, Rosalinda Van Manders. In addition, Part One touches on the three periods of the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo that inspired the 'Hotel Cote D'Azur', the meeting place of the narrators and Maximilian de Winter, as well as his adopted son Max de Winter.

Part Two of the book 'Rebecca - Mystery Explained' will look at each of the narrators and main characters in detail and provide some answers and clues to solving the mystery. Part Two of the book will be released end of June 2021.

Currently, the Part One of the book is available for purchase on Amazon