Character visualisation - 'Rebecca-Mystery Explained'

'Rebecca - Mystery Explained'

Author: Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova

'Rebecca' book by Daphne du Maurier character visualisation. The characters visualised include the members of 'Van Manders - de Winter' family as well as the wives of Maximilian de Winter and Max de Winter.

Rosalinda Van Manders

the first wife of Maximilian de Winter


The owner of Manderley country estate. The name 'Rosalinda' means 'gentle horse' or 'a beautiful rose'. The inspiration for the character is drawn from the historical figure of Mary of Burgundy and the #Edwardian image of #GibsonGirl - beautiful, fragile, slim, with hourglass figure, interested in outdoor sports such as horse riding and educating herself. In the book, anything to do with #roses and 'spirits' is a reference to Rosalinda Van Manders.

Maximilian de Winter

the husband of Roslalinda Van Manders and Celia

Of German descent. Thus, speaks German and English. Been married twice. Has the daughter - Rebecca de Winter, - from his first marriage to Rosalinda Van Manders, a wealthy aristocratic woman of French-Dutch origin. Maximilian's second wife is Celia. Her name is an anagram from ALICE - for her character is based on Alice-in-Wonderland upper middle class young girl, and might be drawn from Daphne du Maurier's sister, Angela du Maurier. Maximilian de Winter is a good hunter and shooter, and the lover of the woods, prone to having many affairs.

Rebecca Manders-de-Winter

the daughter of Maximilian de Winter and Rosalinda Van Manders

A beautiful and full of life personality who is truthful, talks openly about her feelings, likes fun and adventure, is not afraid of anythings. Love sports - horse riding and sailing in particular. Has a faithful friend - the spaniel Jasper. Her flowers are white azaleas and bougainvillea. Loves the ocean. Grew up in Manderley and was away abroad in France sometime before returning home.


the second wife of Maximilian de Winter

The name Celia means 'heavenly' or 'blind'.An upper middle-class girl who often misses the point and spaces out, being in the world of her own. Celia does not like #riddles and is fearful of any prospect of playing #charades. Likes to have her tea under the chestnut tree and gets entangled in the world of her own #fantasies and of 'what could have been'. In the book, often referred to as 'Alice-in-Wonderland'. Maximilian de Winter is hopeful that she will produce an heir for Manderley, but it never happens. Her name is an anagram of the name A-L-I-C-E - CELIA.

Mrs Lacy (Beatrice de Winter)

sister of of Maximilian de Winter


A hard and practical woman, rather 'tweedy'. Adores horses, dogs, and hunting. Straightforward and honest, says what she thinks without any reservation, married to Major Lacy. The anagram of her husband's name 'Lacy' is 'Clay.'

Max de Winter

adopted son of Maximilian de Winter


 the wife of Max de Winter

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