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Music for the book 'Puzzled'


Author: Seraphima Bogomolova​; images by Dalle3 based on the prompts by Seraphima Bogomolova

Imagine if books could sing! Would their stories differ form the written ones? Sure. For what we can read in a book is just a tip of the iceberg in regards to what each character feels and expresses. Book characters like real people can be illogical and contradictory, sending out to each other as well as the world rather mixed signals. 

'Hier Encore'

Nara Noïan

'La chanson des noms'

Kebimba & Diane

Lina with umbrella 2.jpeg

Lina Brig

'To Good To Be True'

Frank Sinatra

'Something Stupid'

Frank Sinatra

Luke in the armchair in a sitting room in Monaco.jpeg

Luke Edward Allen

The Ghost of You

Caro Emerald 

Pas de Coeur

Adam Hurst

Rosalinda 1 AI generated.jpeg

Rosalinda Allen

L'amour C'est Comme Un Jour, 

Charles Aznavour & Sting

I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else


Monsieur Moreau by the door to Lukes room.jpeg

Monsieur Moreau

on the photograph the actor Geoffrey Rush

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