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Filmed in The Stars – astrology and movies: Part 1- Earthy energies

I love astrology. I find it fascinating, mysterious, informative, and insightful. For, our solar system and planets in it are about energies and their interconnectedness and influence on people and the world. The astrologists say: ‘What above is below,’ referring to the sky – our solar system - and the planet Earth. Recently, contemplating on changes that are currently occurring and a major shift in energies that will take place on 21st December 2020, I had an inspiration to look at movies from the astrological point of view. Namely, how prevailing energies of zodiac signs effect focus and themes of movies created.

To demonstrate the shift in themes and focus that will occur in December 2020 and will last for the next 200 years, I would like first to look at what energies have prevailed for the past 200 years and are now fading away. The energies in question are of the following zodiac signs, houses, and planets: Capricorn (10th house, planet Saturn), Taurus (2nd house, planet Venus), and Virgo (6th house, planet Mercury). All three signs are connected to the earth element and express tangible, material, and physical. They are also responsible for certain areas of life and energies expressed there.

Please note that, though these energies will go out of focus for the next 200 years, it does not mean they will cease to exist completely. It simply means that there will be no major focus on them.

Capricorn, 10th house, and planet Saturn

Career, achievement, government, high profile people, rulers, queens and kings, royalty, traditions, patriarchy, fatherly figures, rules, restrictions, structures, corporations, government, hierarchy, maturity, old people, heads of states, presidents, police, life lessons, classes, masters and servants, subordination, authority, military as in subordination structure and rules.

Examples of movies and TV series associated with the Capricorn energies

The Crown TV series (2016) – the series covers the themes of royalty, traditions, hierarchy, rulers, the Queen, government, top-down attitude.

Madmen TV series (2007-2015) – the movie looks at the head of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and the dynamics he has with subordinates and colleagues as well as people in his private life. The title ‘Madmen’ refers to the fact that the corporation is located on the Madison Avenue, one of the prestigious streets in New York (status theme).

Madmen TV series (2007-2015)

The Assistant (2019) – the movie looks at the dynamics between a powerful executive and his subordinate. The story summaries all of the Capricornian energies in their low expression, including use of power, abuse, and injustices. The movie stands on the border between the dissipating energies and the new ones that will be prevailing in the next 200 years. Of which later in the article.

Pretty Woman (1990) – despite the title the movie looks at the dynamics between a powerful businessman and people in his world, including a lower status prostitute. It covers such themes as status, privileges, top-down, and ‘patriarchy’ in its lower expression.

Godfather (1972) – the movie covers themes of patriarchy, subordinations, masters-servants, structure (mafia network), structures, rules, and hierarchy a criminal organisation.

Elizabeth (1998) – the movie explores themes of power, royalty, ruling, subordinations, hierarchy.

King’s Speech (2010) – the movie looks at the English ruling class and the problem of compiling with royal duties, as well has Virgo theme of working hard on removing the obstacle e.g. stammer.

House of Cards American TV series (2013-2018) – the series covers themes of power, government, high-profile people, ruthless achievements (in lower expression of the Capricorn sign), the president, subordination, hierarchy.

Downton Abbey British TV series (2010-2015) – the series explores the themes of upstairs-downstairs, masters-subordinates, classes, privileges, status, patriarchy, traditions.


Taurus, 2nd house, planet Venus

Wealth, comfort, indulgences, sensual pleasures, money as in income, banks, financiers, possessions, earthly pleasures such as food and wine, luxury and luxurious items, acquiring beautiful objects.

Examples of movies and TV series associated with the Taurus energies

The Wolf of The Wall Street (2013) – the movie covers themes of wealth accumulation and indulgences as well as luxury and bankers and financiers.

Marie Antoinette (2006) – among other themes, the movie touches on the subject of wealth, opulence, comfort, indulgences and luxuries.

The Best Offer (2013) – the movie explores the themes luxury, beauty, possessions, and accumulation of beautiful objects of which the main hero is deprived in the end.

Devil Wears Prada (2006) – the movie covers themes of luxury, luxurious items, status, and beauty as seen by the luxury industry.

The Bling Ring (2013) – the movie focuses on a group of teenagers who are obsessed with luxury goods and fame objects.

Julie and Julia (2009) – the movie covers the theme of sensory pleasures such as food and wine.

Million Pound Menu (2018) – the TV series covers sensory pleasures – food and wine – coupled with investment opportunities: the food is sampled by financiers.

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) – the movie looks at the theme of being addicted to shopping for luxury goods and going into financial difficulties because of it.

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

Mr. Selfridge TV series (2013-2016) – the TV series covers the subject of luxury store business and its owner.


Virgo, 6th house, planet Mercury

Work on a contract, organising your life, everyday chores, health and nutrition, attention to detail, servants, systems, routines, methodical approach, first arrive last leave patterns, perfectionism, criticism, assistants, teachers, mathematicians and scientific researchers, librarians, accountants, editors.

Examples of movies and TV series associated with the Virgo energies

Morning Glory (2010) – the movie focuses on themes of career, hard-working approach, first come last to leave pattern, and editing for TV channel, working on a contract.

The Assistant (2019) – the movie covers chores, routine, organising, assisting, and working on a contract.

A Beautiful Mind (2001) – the movie focuses on the abilities of mind and analytical and analytic and mathematical skills and talents.

The Imitation Game (2014) – the movie covers themes of deductive and mathematical methods, intelligence, coding systems, and methodical approach.

The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015) – the movie tells a story of a mathematician.

I Don’t Know How She Does It (2011) – the movie focuses on the themes of hard-work and perfection when it comes to juggling career and family life.

Black Swan (2010) – among others, the movie explores themes of routine, hard-work and perfectionism.

The Girl With The Pearl Earring (2003) – among others, the movies covers themes of hard-work, criticism, serving others, and routine and chores.

Nurses TV series (2020) – among others, the TV series explores themes of serving others, assisting, and working on contracts.


In the Part 2 of the 'Filmed in The Stars - astrology and movies' we will have a look at the themes that await us starting from 21 December 2020 onwards for... another odd 200 years... Are you ready?

List compiled by Seraphima Bogomolova

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