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Movies and Astrology: ‘Emily in Paris’ Is Not What You Think It Is

Emily in Paris TV series (2020) is not what you think it is. I doubt if the producer, Darren Star, is fully aware of what he has created either. For, at the first glance, he was making a movie about Paris and the French and the clichés and notions associated with the country and the people. But, in actual fact, while achieving the initial goal, he actually produced a by-product as well. The by-product that is more interesting than the product itself. His movie turned out to be a vivid and grotesque showcase of the battle of the old energies represented by earthy signs of Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus, and the new energies represented by air signs of Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini.

The earthy energies embody occupations, activities, things, notions, and expressions that this year the world is saying farewell to. The air energies are the ones that the world is still reluctant to embrace and accept but they are the ones that are looming on the horizon for everyone. And it is no minor change. It is a new epoch that is about to commence on 21 December 2020. The epoch of air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) the energies of which will dominate our lives for the two centuries to come.

In Emily in Paris (2020) TV series, the old earthy energies are represented by France, in particular Paris, its people, and the clichés that are associated with it. The epitome and hub of the old energies is a marketing agency ‘Savoir’ run by an inflexible and overbearing boss, Sylvie. The agency dealing with luxury products employs old strategies and overused ideas. Luxury products and overused ideas as well as comfort zones are the Taurus domain, and the old patterns and the relationships between the boss and the employees are the themes of Capricorn.

The new energies of Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are represented in the TV series by an American social media marketing specialist, Emily Cooper. An epitome of great ideas, innovations, and positive attitude, she flies in from Chicago and lands in the midst of the ‘Savoir’ to disrupt their status quo and the usual routine.

The battle between the two energies as well as breakthroughs and small victories on the part of Emily is the focus of the TV series. Although, the old energies are defending its ‘castle’, the walls slowly but surely crumble away. The luxury setting of the TV series refers to Taurus, for it is the sign that is responsible for all sensual pleasures, indulgences, comforts, as well as wealth, finances and banks. Emily Cooper can be compared to Uranus – the planet of revolution and disruption that rules the air sign of Aquarius. Currently, and for the next five years this planet will be transiting Taurus bringing havoc and chaos to many a comfort zone in the areas that the sign is responsible for. But not without a benefit. Very much like Emily Cooper and her disruptive actions in the ‘Savoir’ agency.

Here is a look at the expressions and visualisations of the energies in question in Emily in Paris (2020) TV series.

The old energies - Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

The Taurus energies in Emily in Paris (2020)

Firstly, in the TV series, the energies of Taurus are represented by the location - the city of Paris. It is full of Taurus references: the bistros and cafes, the going out, the fashion boutiques, the eating and drinking, the partying, as well as sensual pleasures in the form of Emily’s sex encounters. Secondly, the main setting of the Emily in Paris (2020) TV series - the marketing agency ‘Savoir’ that deals with luxury products is also an epitome of Taurus. One cannot go more ‘bulling’ than that.

Apart from the location and the main setting, the energies of this earthy sign can be found in characters themselves and their appearances, preoccupations, pastimes, professions, and activities.

For example, all branded clothes worn by or given as presents to the characters, such as a gift box of La Perla lingerie presented to Emily Cooper by a client of the agency, Antoine Lambert. The giver is an epitome of Taurus sensory experience – he is the owner of a perfume company and the best ‘nose’ of the country. Scents are a part of a sensory experience, thus the connotation. The lingerie refers to erotic pleasures, whether visual or physical, and the brand La Perla is the luxury personified. Al is the domain of Taurus.

The advertisement of one of the perfumes created by Antoine Lambert that the agency works on is yet another expression of a sensual experience as manifested by the earthy energy. The model in the advertisement is stark naked, showing off her figure and enjoying the attention and ‘cravings’ of the men watching her. Antoine Lambert as well as Sylvie insist that the image presented is a dream of every woman. The notion that Emily tries to challenge labelling it as sexist and not sexy at all. The physicality of desire is very Taurus like.

Another symbol of the sign in question is a bouquet of roses that Emily Cooper gets from a grumpy middle aged flower seller. Interestingly, the seller resents giving Emily the roses, almost sensing that this symbol is from a different set of energies, the ones that Emily does not belong to. The seller herself is a representation of yet another earthy energy - the sign of Virgo that rules everyone who is serving others for better or worse, including waiters.

Eating out as a sensory pleasure, and cooking as satisfying it are also themes of Taurus. The Emily’s romantic interest, her neighbour young chef Gabriel is an expression of these earthy energies. He is interested in cooking, has a restaurant business, and can be found either in the kitchen or in his flat - a sort of comfort zones of his.

The romantic relationship between Emily and Gabriel is full of complications and obstacles. Emily comes as a lightning bolt into the young man’s life, while Gabriel is in a comfy, romantic, and fun relationship with Camille who becomes Emily’s best friend. Being a representation of Taurus, Gabriel is not prone to change and stays in his comfort zone even if he is in love with Emily’s Aquarius energies. She is unusual, disruptive, fun, social, breezy and easy. In fact, his girlfriend, Camille, is very similar to Emily, for she represents Libra energy – Camille works in an art gallery. She is creative, artistic, elegant, social, and friendly.

Although Emily and Camille are of the same energies, Camille is more of a familiar energy to Gabriel since the signs of Taurus and Libra are ruled by the same planet – Venus, whilst Emily’s ruler is Uranus. A tough choice for Gabriel indeed.


The Capricorn energies in Emily in Paris (2020)

The Capricorn energies in the TV series are represented by Emily’s working and to some extent living environment. The Capricorn themes in the work environment express themselves through a retiring owner of 'Savoir', Paul Brossard, and Emily’s boss and the director of the agency, Sylvie. Paul Brossard, though welcoming on the surface, does not believe he has anything to learn from a new comer, patronisingly noting: 'Smoking is a pleasure. And without pleasure, who are we?' To which Sylvie replies: 'German'. Ironically enough, Germany is the country that is ruled by Capricorn. The exact energy that Sylvie represents, embodying such themes as status, giving orders, bossing around and bullying, restricting, showing who is the ‘master’, referring to ‘traditions’, and maintaining top-down attitude and instilling fear into her subordinates.

Sylvie takes a dislike to Emily Cooper from the very start. It is based on Emily's being an outsider, in other words, not French: 'That's very unfortunate that you do not speak French. It's a problem.' The new comer also possesses a fresh outlook and innovative ideas that threaten Sylvie’s status quo.

The bossy Sylvie builds up and maintains an opposition, constantly trying to undermine Emily's efforts and mocking her input and contribution. Despite the resentment, Emily does not give up or give in to Sylvie’s bullying. Undeterred, she stays positive and persistently looks for ways out, using technology, her social charm, and her innovative outlook.

Emily’s living environment is no less challenging with the Capricorn energy trying to impose its 'powerful' ways. It finds its expression in the elderly women 'in service' who, although are not Emily’s bosses, still behave in an overpowering manner. These women are an unhelpful and critical concierge who blames Emily for everything that goes wrong in the building, a middle-aged shop assistant in a pastry shop who ‘teaches’ Emily how to speak French and corrects her every mistake, and an old haggard flower seller who denies Emily a bouquet of roses. Their age refers to Capricorn, but them being 'in service': the shop assistant, the flower seller, and the concierge, point at the earthy Virgo energy that rules people providing service and assistance. The unhelpful waiters whom Emily Cooper encounters in various cafes and restaurants are of the same energy nature.


The Virgo energies in Emily in Paris (2020)

The Virgo theme in the Emily in Paris (2020) TV series is not as prominent as the ones of Taurus or Capricorn but yet has its trouble adding twist. Virgo among other themes covers people and professions in service. In the high octave of this energy, these people can be very supportive, helpful, and essential to comfort of our everyday life. But in the lower octave, as depicted in the TV series, the expressions of this energy can be a stumbling block. Those supposedly 'at your service' helpers turn into gatekeepers and manipulators, using whatever small power they have got to show their importance and righteousness. Such are the boulangerie shop assistant, teaching Emily the correct French: 'Un, pas 'une'. Un pain au chocolat.' And the flower seller who refuses to sell Emily a bouquet of pink roses: 'Ah, non. Non, Mademoiselle. These are not for you. These are roses from the South.' As if 'roses from the South' are for some special people.

The seemingly 'helpless' plumber is no better. His failure to fix the plumbing in Emily's flat, he explains as: 'Pas possible parce que... j'ai pas les bonnes pieces.' The right parts he might not have but has the time to sit down in Emily's kitchen with Gabriel the chef and have a cup of coffee and a croissant over cozy chat. They seem to be on the same wave and understand each other perfectly leaving Emily out asking: 'What did he say? What did you say?' This illustrates the similarity of such energies as Virgo - the plumber, and Taurus - Gabriel the chef. They are both earthy, grounded, and not in a hurry to live life.

The waiters in various cafes and restaurants that Emily frequents are no better. Although seeming to do their work, they, at the same time, appear arrogant and unwilling to comprehend an 'outsider', sneering at Emily's attempts to speak French.


The new energies – Aquarius, Libra, Gemini

The Aquarius energies in Emily in Paris (2020)

The Aquarius energy is the prominent one in the Emily in Paris (2020) TV series. It is the energy of disruption, innovations and new ideas, and the unknown and unique as opposed to the familiar and known. The main heroine, Emily Cooper is a representation of Aquarius or even the Uranus - the planet that rules the sign of Aquarius. She is not only an ‘outsider’, appearing outlandish and bizarre to the employees and the boss of the 'Savoir' agency, but she is also technology oriented and likes to innovate. All her ideas are quirky, yet relevant, and helpful. Apart from that, Emily’s positive attitude, social media ‘savoir faire’, and a revolutionary air refer to the energies of the new epoch. In fact, Emily Cooper is the new epoch. Even her age indicates fresh energies and new starts as opposed to her ‘mature’ and outdated environment.

In love, as in her work, Emily does not shy away from innovation and technology. Although not on her own initiative, she tries a long-distance cybersex, albeit unsuccessfully, with her boyfriend from Chicago, and herself possesses a vibrator, which, when plugged in, cuts out electricity in the whole house and the district, signalling that Paris cannot bear the innovation and change. Electricity and electrical gadgets are related to the energies of Aquarius, as well as technological innovations in communications such as social media and internet. The things that Emily really loves and knows how to use. She never has lack of innovative approaches and ideas when it comes to digital marketing.

The most vividly the Aquarius theme comes during the ‘American Auction’ – episode ‘An American Auction in Paris’ - where the Grey Space artists spray with paint a couture dress by a Parisienne fashion guru, Pierre Cadault. Graffiti and graffiti artists are of the Aquarius energy. By spraying the dress, the Grey Space guys disrupt the ‘comfort zone’ of Pierre Cadault and as a result push him to look at things differently, contributing to the designer’s transformation and ‘updating’ him to new energies.

Emily’s own fashion sense, although a bit tarty, makes her stand out of the crowd. The standing out and being unique, even in a shocking way, is also Aquarius like.


The Libra energies in Emily in Paris (2020)

Libra’s energies in the TV series are presented by friendships and partnerships that Emily Cooper tries to form in the ‘hostile’ earthy environment. Being easy and breezy, she does not quite understand why the environment so against her, thinking it is her lack of the knowledge of French language and culture. But this is only partially true.

Being an air sign, Libra is light and beautiful. It is diplomatic and polite as well as friendly and social. Very much like Emily Cooper. Her love interest, however, lies with heavier earthy energies of Taurus, her neighbour, a young chef Gabriel. His professional interest and focus are his restaurant business, cooking, and eating good food. Throughout the series he is mostly found in his restaurant, at home, or dining out with his girlfriend Camille, an art lover and a friend of Emily.

Emily's other French romantic encounters also refer to Taurus - the 'nose' expert, Antoine Lambert, and even Virgo energies - an intellectual snob, the professor of semiotics, Thomas. Mind related professions and activities as well as intellectual pursuits are of the Virgo themes. The exception from the above being her one-night stand with a seventeen year old brother of Camille, and Emily's admirer, a nephew of the fashion designer Pierre Cadault. Both are of air energies. The Camille's brother, Timothee, represents Gemini energy - siblings, schools and school graduates, and the nephew of the fashion designer, Mathieu Cadault, represents Libra energy. He is elegant, refined, deals with design, and has manners and lightness about him. Very breeze and easy, like Emily.

In contrast to her romantic interests, Emily’s friendships reflect more of the air energies. Her friend, Mindy Chen, is Chinese. As countries also have their astrological charts and signs, China is represented by Libra sign. Emily and Mindy go well together, they share the same outlook on life and are on the same wave length. Mindy is always there to support Emily and is very easy going. Unlike Emily’s colleagues, Mindy is just a text away from a get together and a quick chat and exchange of news and ideas.

Emily’s other friend, Camille works in an art gallery and is interested in art and design - both the themes of Libra and the planet Venus that rules the sign. Emily and Camille, although unsuspecting ‘rivals’ in love, are very good friends, for their air energies go well together.

Being an ambassador of light energies, Emily is not seen much indulging in sensory experiences of eating hearty meals in restaurants. Instead, she prefers a glass of wine or a cup of tea or coffee in the city's various bistros and cafes or small bites on the way to her work. In fact, she does not eat much at all. Sitting in a café or a restaurant is more of socialising for Emily than indulging her senses. Socialising and communication are the themes of air signs, in particular of elegant Libra.


The Gemini energies in Emily in Paris (2020)

Gemini energies find their representation in the TV series in Emily’s wishing to be social, always maintain small talk, even though about work and work-related themes. She happily mixes with people and mingles at networking events, staying curious of her environment while taking selfies, and noting cultural differences and curiosities. Emily's sharing her snapshots on the Instagram account breathes in a wave of fresh air into the old paradigms and clichés of Paris and luxury and gains her a large following.

Emily’s friend – Mindy Chen – is another representation of the Gemini energies. Mindy Chen has a beautiful voice. Voices is a theme of Gemini. Mindy Chen is longing for a different life, anything but a pre-determined path arranged by her father. Eventually, prompted by her friends at a birthday party, Mindy Chen ventures out and goes on to stage singing and being filmed and streamed on social media.

Other expressions of Gemini energies in the TV series are Emily's short trip to Champagne to visit Camille's family, and cycling in the countryside that takes Emily to a wine tasting event led by the Camille's younger brother, Timothee, who represents a Gemini theme of siblings and school graduates.

Emily's taking French language classes in Paris and attempting to speak the language is also a reflection of a Gemini theme. For, this air sign rules verbal and written expression, including languages.

All the social media portrayed in the series from messaging, to twitting, to posting on Instagram is a reflection of journalism and news sharing which is a Gemini’s domain too.

Although, Emily in Paris (2020) TV series is not entirely new, rather a mixture of the old and revolutionary with the old grasping for the power and the new trying to pave the path while battling with the outdated and outlived, it, nonetheless, is an interesting expression of the transitional times. Let’s see what the next season of Emily in Paris brings us.

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