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Movies and Astrology: The Martian (2015) - of Life on Mars

Why is it always the planet Mars that is mentioned when one writes or makes a movie about possible life on other planets? Surely, there are other planets in our solar system. To be precise, there are 10 of them – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, plus the moon, which is also a planet, just a very small and very close to the Earth one. In astronomical as well as in astrological terms, our solar system has a trajectory. Every planet including the Earth moves in its orbit around the Sun, but the Sun together with other planets moves through space within the wholeness of the solar system.

Our solar system can be compared to a powerful ‘clock’ mechanism. It is set in motion by the energies beyond human capabilities or comprehension, and has its timings and time for everything, and the Earth is its soul meaning. Each planet in this giant ‘clock’ has its purpose. The planet Mars carries ‘warrior’ energy. It actions, makes things happen, moves them forward, often in an aggressive and thoughtless, although brave, manner. The energies it emanates are hot and passionate.

So, I can somewhat see why such a planet can be regarded as a possible plane for physical life. However, Martian energies alone cannot conceive or sustain life as we understand it on a physical plane.

The Martian (2015)

The Martian (2015) depicts a male astronaut, Mark Watney, coming from a physical world of the planet Earth to Mars and being left behind there due to his co-astronauts believing he had perished in the sand storm. Interestingly enough, the name ‘Mark’ means Mars. It comes from a Latin Mart-kos and means ‘god of war’ or ‘consecrated to the god Mars’. And the surname ‘Watney’ means Riparian Land – an interface between a land and a river. In fact, the name Mark Watney can be read as ‘life on Mars’.

Although, in The Martian (2015) the overall theme of space exploration is one of Aquarius, the movie still tackles the subject from the Taurus and Virgo energy perspective – a physical survival and growing food on the planet in a Robinson Crusoe style. The only difference is being that Robinson Crusoe had to survive discovering potentials of a lush island with abundance of vegetation, and Mark Watney has to survive experimenting with meagre remains of vegetation and human waste on a planet that is not fertile. The themes of food (Taurus), survival, physical health and body (Virgo), and being restricted by a space suit and having lack of oxygen (Capricorn) are all themes of a physical, material nature.

The Martian (2015)

However powerful, Martian energy alone cannot turn rugged terrain into a lush garden. For it, it needs Venusian energies of love, nurturing, beauty, abundance. In other words, it needs a Goddess of Love. Theoretically speaking, if one wanted to contemplate the theme of a physical life on other planets the best way would be to look at the planet Venus for that. Mark Watney would have had more chances there. Planet Venus rules Taurus and Libra – earth and air signs. Taurus is responsible for fertile lands, food, nature, and Libra – for creativity, balance, beauty, and partnerships.

I am not sure why the creators of the movie have chosen to leave a man behind on Mars and not Venus. Perhaps, they wanted to show the futility of Mark’s efforts to make it alone, or perhaps they wanted to illustrate the survival theme and conquering energies. Either way, thinking of being present in a physical form on other planets is rather naïve notion. For, if we really want to do so, we would need to assume a different form. In fact, one does not need a spaceship at all to travel in space. Building spaceships is very much a material approach to the matter which is not material at all.

Such a material approach is not a surprise, though. For all earthy and physical things are ruled by the three astrological signs – Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. The energies that have been in focus for the past 200 years. We used them to learn about different areas of life. Even the areas which are not physical.

However, with the new energies of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra coming into focus, we will be asked to explore and discover non-material ways and approaches. Therefore, flying to the Moon or trying to settle on Mars in a physical form will shift instead towards exploring possibilities of non-physical travel and presence on other planets.

The new energies are inviting us to explore our own non-physical abilities, potentials, and talents. So, let’s go with the flow.

Seraphima Bogomolova

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