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New Age Communication, Old Skills?

[The French Minister to his speech writer]:The world’s 50-year balance has been shattered. I’m entrusting you with the key job. The language’. - Quai d’Orsay (2015)

Quai d’Orsay (2015)

The last decade was the most fast-forward one in terms of technological developments in interactions, communications, and self-expressions. Innovations in online technologies have opened up new modes of reaching out – globally and personally. But with all the gadgets, devices, online platforms and applications that aid us in linking to like-mined people, groups, events, and subjects, we are still behind on the actual use of language, mastery of communication skills, and non-biased, independent from any kind of authority or programmed thinking.

Why so? Perhaps, because old patterns and outdated approaches in communications are still in use. The type of patterns that we acquired and perfected while focusing on the Capricorn energies of hierarchy, structure, organisation, authority, subordination, top to down approach.

As such, there is nothing wrong with those themes. In the highest octave of expression, they help us organise and structure our lives and bring order into events and happenings. But if overused, abused or given too much importance, they turn into stumbling stones, barriers, challenges, and restrictions that prevent us from further self-development and eventually lead us to stagnation. That is why the shift in energies is occurring. The hands of the universal ‘clock’ of energies - our solar system - move from earthy signs Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo to air ones, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra that are responsible for communication. So, we can focus on exploring, developing, and perfecting our verbal and written talents, skills, and patterns. In particular, language, and verbal and written communications are the themes of Gemini astrological sign.

The last shift from earthy to air energies occurred around 800 years ago – at the end of the 12th throughout 13th and early 14th centuries. This was the period when such verbal and written storytelling as chivalry romance and chanson de geste (heroic ballads) in Old French, Anglo-Norman and Occitan were conceived and voiced as opposed to Latin language clerical and philosophical works. Chivalry romance with its marvel-filled adventures, elaborate plots, heroic qualities, focus on heterosexual love, and courtly manners laid the foundation upon which all other literature genres of later centuries were built and developed. And out of literature stories and story narrating of books came screenwriting and stories for the movies.

During the past eight centuries, the language has been modified and simplified – new words appeared, some were taken out of use, grammar and punctuation rules introduced, templates for certain types of communications created, structures for story lines and plots worked out. All of which are Capricorn related themes applied to Gemini subjects. However, with all this focus on structuring and organising of communications, unfortunately, we have lost the view of what is being communicated – the essence of the message. Structure and order in communications is important but equally important is the content that is being communicated.

The questions, though, we need to ask now are: Does a message really ring true? Or do I accept it simply because the message is presented to me in a familiar format by an ‘authority’ figure?

Here is a great illustration of the above. I have recently come across a question put forward to aspiring writers on Twitter. It contained the following: ‘What's your end goal as a writer? Hollywood? Riches? Awards? Delicious power? Access to botox? Let us know.’ If one does not discriminate the information thrown into public domain one can easily fall into the trap of believing such statements are the reasons for wanting to be a writer. When, in fact, they are all false and misleading.

Quai d’Orsay (2015)

Being able to surf through the sea of information online does not mean all of the information should be believed, followed, or liked. What the use of the latest model of a smartphone or iPad when its owner cannot verbalise his/her thoughts and wishes, discriminate between his/her ideas and the ideas pushed on to him/her, speak up his/her truth, share his/her uniqueness and individuality without being afraid of not complying with ‘authorities’. Or even worse, being afraid to like or follow something or someone they believe they should - all just to fit into an outdated restricting structure.

Now, the time has come to focus on air sign energies again. Back in 13th-14th centuries, a narrative form for communicating stories came from the circle of aristocrats and ruling classes. Today, due to technological advancement and the literacy of the world’s population the development of language and narratives is open to anyone. The only requirement is to find your own voice for self-expression that will showcase your originality and individuality to the world.

Six years ago, when I first published my books in Russian: ‘Golovolomka’, ‘Zadacha s neizvestnumi,’ and ‘Zagadka Vostochnog Expressa, on Wattpad platform, I got comments from some people who tried to teach me what words and in which order I should use in order to be called a writer. They often referred to some school text books. To all of them I always said that writing is a creative process and the writer is a word smith. So, their advice is of no importance to me, for, it is based on external ‘authorities’ that I did not value as much as they did.

True writers coin their own words. The words that they believe correctly describe what they are trying to convey to the public. Following text books will never make an artist out of anyone, just a narrow-minded editor. But again, editors are a part of the old earthy energies, namely the one of Virgo sign. The new energies ask us to express ourselves correctly and beautifully, yet, at the same time, finding our own unique voice, not based on common text books.

For that matter, the last spring lock-down and limitation in travel was really a blessing in disguise. It forced people to stop, look at themselves, focus inwards instead of outwards and try to find the unique Self, as from the end of December 2020 the shift to air energies will change the whole perspective on life. Mind you, not everyone comprehended it at the time. Nevertheless, what was important before will not be important anymore. In the new age of communications, high technology, and art one will need to abandon old-school skills of communicating and adopt new ones. The ones that support patterns of being a star among stars, standing-out, having an opinion, being independent thinker, and having talents and unique skills. All of which will help contribute to creating and interacting via new modes of communications with messages that really matter.

Seraphima Bogomolova

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