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'Zagadka Vostochnogo Expressa' book by Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova

Загадка Восточного Экспресса

(Zagadka Vostochnogo Expressa)


Author: Seraphima Bogomolova

Language: Russian


'Загадка Восточного Экспресса' (Zagadka Vostochnogo Expressa) - the third book of the series dedicated to the adventures of a journalist from London and a young French-English aristocrat. Illusive but persisting passengers of the Orient Express train, parallel realities, overlapping but contradictory coincidences, and eerie and mysterious Venetian mask…


What all these have to do with the lives of the two young people – Lina and Luke? And who or what hides behind the Venetian mask…

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